„Milkcow“, „Glimpse“ and „Wink“ have arrived! Short reviews ;-)

The past couple of days, I have received my orders of „Milkcow“, „Glimpse“ and „Wink“ magazine in the mail.

I must say, I am totally in love with Milkcow – this mag does not only show some nice custom cars, but also focuses on Vintage fashion (even gives valuable advice on how and where to buy both original and repro Vintage wear) and photography. They also have a very nice section for promoting Vintage clothing and accessory designers (sadly, they should be from the UK, so I am out here…). It really is worth reading! Over the next few days, I will start listing it in both my Etsy and Dawanda shop. For a sneak peak, check out their website: http://www.milkcow.co.uk

„Glimpse“ is fun! I have receive their 2nd and 3rd issue (the 3rd even comes with 3D specs!) they have really nice photos of very unique Vintage Pin-Ups and also Vintage fashion photography (repro though).

„Wink“, however, has been a little disappointing. I expected a high-class 1950´s style fashion and undie magazine and got a cheaply made (in my opinion) mag that focuses on adult photography (no porn, but broad nudity). Apparently, their readers are men with a stocking fetish. Not my cuppa tea, I must say, and I won´t purchase it again. This one won´t go into the shop (hellooooo boobies!!!), but I will take it to my markets and will see how it goes.

I will try writing more detailed reviews the next couple of days, so be prepared 😉 !!!

Antje xo





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