„Milkcow“, „Glimpse“ and „Wink“ have arrived! Short reviews ;-)

The past couple of days, I have received my orders of „Milkcow“, „Glimpse“ and „Wink“ magazine in the mail.

I must say, I am totally in love with Milkcow – this mag does not only show some nice custom cars, but also focuses on Vintage fashion (even gives valuable advice on how and where to buy both original and repro Vintage wear) and photography. They also have a very nice section for promoting Vintage clothing and accessory designers (sadly, they should be from the UK, so I am out here…). It really is worth reading! Over the next few days, I will start listing it in both my Etsy and Dawanda shop. For a sneak peak, check out their website: http://www.milkcow.co.uk

„Glimpse“ is fun! I have receive their 2nd and 3rd issue (the 3rd even comes with 3D specs!) they have really nice photos of very unique Vintage Pin-Ups and also Vintage fashion photography (repro though).

„Wink“, however, has been a little disappointing. I expected a high-class 1950´s style fashion and undie magazine and got a cheaply made (in my opinion) mag that focuses on adult photography (no porn, but broad nudity). Apparently, their readers are men with a stocking fetish. Not my cuppa tea, I must say, and I won´t purchase it again. This one won´t go into the shop (hellooooo boobies!!!), but I will take it to my markets and will see how it goes.

I will try writing more detailed reviews the next couple of days, so be prepared 😉 !!!

Antje xo





September will be „Do not buy any supplies or fabric“ month!

I have no idea how many yards of fabric I own. I have 3 huge boxes of fabrics and scraps stashed in our bedroom closet (let´s be honest, half of our bedroom closet IS either fabrics and supplies or finished projects…), I have three more boxes in the living room, and one of these foldable boxes for smaller scraps. I have no idea how many D-rings I have for making belts, I have numerous beads and buttons, as well as purse frames and other doo-dads.

Therefore I declare September to DO NOT BUY ANYTHING Month!!!

I have enough stuff at home to make projects for my shops until probably August next year, plus with our holiday slowly approaching,  I would like my money go elsewhere and not just sit in my home in supply-form.

Yeah, I know, I will keep you posted at where this is going, but I really need to try.


Antje xo

Fräuleinwunder Magazine – Heimat and Blitzkrieg Issue new in my shop!


Lookie lookie 😉 And yes, I do ship worldwide!

„Kleiner Markt“ in Essen in September – come and visit me!!!

I have just received the confirmation for the „Kleiner Markt“ market in Essen (*squee*). It will take place on September 24 between 9am and 1pm, here is the adress:

Kleiner Markt – Stadtteil Margarethenhöhe – 45149 Essen

It will be a small Design market, but I am sure it will be very nice and the designers chosen well worth your time 🙂 Come all and join me!!!

Antje xo

Craft Markets coming up – or where to stumble upon FloridaGurl the next few weeks

Hi guys and doll!

Some people asked, so here is some info about the markets I will be attending next:

September 2011:

„Weiberkram Mädelsflohmarkt“ on Sept 11 @ Gare du Neuss in Neuss: https://www.facebook.com/weiberkram.flohmarkt

„Kleiner Markt“ on September 24 @ Margarethenhöhe in Essen

In October, FloridaGurl and FloridaHubby will be on holiday in Morocco, so I did not dare to sign up for any markets without having enough time to prepare :/


„Dorffest“ in Mönchengladbach Günhoven on Nov 27 (been there last year with my sister and we had a really good time 🙂 !!! )

That´s all, folks. I will keep you posted if anything changes – and please come and see me there!!!

Antje xo


„Fräuleinwunder“ and „Milkcow Mag“ soon available in my shop

I am very (!!!) proud to announce that FloridaGurl is now also selling the German „Fräuleinwunder“ magazine (which is published in English) and the British „Milkcow Magazine“ in her shop. I will hopefully add the Fräuleinwunder over the weekend (I have issue 3 – The Heimat Issue, and issue 4 – The Blitzkrieg Issue available for € 6,00 each) and the Milkcow Mag (issues 21 to 25) will be added as soon as I have received them myself.

Thank you to Natalie and Bruce for making everything so smooth and easy for me!

Check them out:




Antje xo


*woohoo* First post!!!

Hello guys and dolls, and welcome to the exciting world of FloridaGurl Design!

 Here on this blog I will update you on the news about my shop, my work or just random stuff that comes my way. I will post about items, designs and designers that strike my fancy and whom I come across, and many more awesome and exciting stuff.

So lean back, grab a Piná Colada (or any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice) and enjoy the ride 🙂 !!!

Antje xo